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Setting a strong start, early.

Using our collective experience, we offer strong planning, starting as early as middle school to ensure your child gets into the best university they can.

Student Analysis

We analyze and discover the needs of students and find out ways to ensure that they can get into the best program that they can get into.

Foresight from Experience

Using our experience from top universities in America, we can ensure that your child gets into the top universities in North America.

The Full Package

Unlike other programs, we offer a complete directed package that could provide what your child needs.

A plan for almost everyone. Contact us if there is something you need customized.

Choose your plan for college

We offer three different support tiers so we can build your pathway to a great university.

Uniplan Tiers 1, 2, and 3 are intended for Grades 10 to 12. For students looking to get started with the university application planning process earlier, we offer an annual 80,000 NT service package for Grades 7 to 9.

Tier 1

Grade 10 to 12
200,000 NT - Basic Plan
This tier is designed for students who are already self-sufficient but still need assistance with applying to a few schools.

Applications to 3 Schools
1 Uniplan Educator
Student Profile Evaluation
Academic & Activities Evaluation
Application Essays Review
Writing & Language Skills Review
SAT/ACT Assessment
TOEFL/IELTS Assessment
Financial Aid Scholarship (10% fee)
Merit-Based Scholarship (10% fee)

Tier 2 (Best)

Grade 10 to 12
300,000 NT - Comprehensive
This tier is for students who need more comprehensive support on most or all of their university applications.

ꜛApplications to 8 Schools
ꜛ2 Uniplan Educators
ꜛStudent Profile Development
ꜛAcademic & Activities Planning
ꜛApplication Essays Strategy
ꜛWriting & Language Skills Coaching
ꜛSAT/ACT Assessment + Strategy
ꜛTOEFL/IELTS Assessment + Strategy
ꜛOverseas Travel Planning & Support
Financial Aid Scholarship (10% fee)
Merit-Based Scholarship (10% fee) 

An upgraded item from the last tier

Tier 3

Grade 10 to 12
500,000 NT - Extra Plan
This tier is intended for students who will require complete assistance and support for all of their university applications.

ꜛApplications to 10 Schools
ꜛ3 Uniplan Educators
Student Profile Development
Academic & Activities Planning
Application Essays Strategy
Writing & Language Skills Coaching
SAT/ACT Assessment + Strategy
TOEFL/IELTS Assessment + Strategy
ꜛPrecollege Program Planning
ꜛInternship Opportunity Planning
ꜛUniversity Research & Skills Coaching
Overseas Travel Planning & Support
Financial Aid Scholarship (10% fee)
Merit-Based Scholarship (10% fee)

An upgraded item from the last tier.

Guiding hands to lead to a bright future

Experienced Educators

Take it from those who made it to make it forward.

Steve Lin

Steve Lin is a Taipei-based educator, researcher, and writer from Connecticut. Previously, he worked in mobile technology business development at Accenture, nonprofit management consulting at New Sector Alliance and content production for a martial arts website founded by Jet Li. Steve graduated from Harvard University with an A.B. in Social Anthropology.

Sean Su

Sean Su is a Taiwan-based educator, humanist, and technologist from New York City. He co-runs Taiwan Report and Bright Future Education, and he appears on ICRT’s Taiwan This Week on a monthly basis. Sean holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Management of Technology from New York University.

Fedor Deichmann

Fedor Deichmann is an artist, educator, and former businessman from Germany. He was an investment banking M&A Analyst at Lazard, initial business developer of at Alibaba Group pre-IPO, CFO of E-Commerce for Kraft Heinz China, and Managing Partner at Lance EC. Following these tenures, he decided to pursue a career in the arts and is currently a prolific artist based in Berlin. Fedor graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in Political Science (Distinction).

“I believe education is about developing and unleashing full human potential. With that spirit in mind, I believe in taking a holistic approach to education which combines both intellectual, physical and emotional cultivation. Only by working on all three elements is it possible to become a wholesome human being who is aware of his / her direction and is able to maintain the discipline to walk the path. By neglecting one of the elements, one may not make a decision based on genuine intent. For instance, if we deal with peer pressure or experience fear due to whatever life events of the past, then our decision to pick a specific major in college or job after college may be clouded by this emotional instability. It is important to continuously reflect upon and cultivate awareness of our emotional well-being in order to correct the path that we are on so that it may be inspired by genuine love for life and authenticity. I believe that only by walking the path that feels most genuinely right to you — on the most essential level — will we be able to flourish and make a deep contribution to humanity as a whole.”

Rebecca Lang

Rebecca Lang is a Program Director at Bright Future Education and has a bachelor’s degree in History and master’s degree in Taiwan History from NTNU. She has worked closely with hundreds of secondary school programs and post-secondary institutions in Taiwan, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and dozens of other countries.

Katherine Wang

Katherine is the CEO of a social commerce startup. Prior to this, she worked as a Data Scientist at Citi focused on Natural Language Processing, full-stack developer for startups and Fortune 500 companies, and financial consultant for Canada’s Big 4 banks. She has also contributed to papers by creating architecture for clinical concept normalization models. Katherine holds a Bachelor’s from the University of Toronto in Computer Science (with a focus in Artificial Intelligence) and Economics. In her spare time, she has founded a gaming-oriented nonprofit and helped nonprofits with their tech architecture. 

Frankie Kuo

Frankie Kuo is a Visual Strategy Designer working across New York, Taipei, and Shanghai, predominantly residing in New York City. She has worked in multiple industries — education, fin-tech, the art world, and think tanks — wearing different hats but always in a creative and project planning capacity. She earned a B.A. in Individualized Study at NYU and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Communications Design at Pratt Institute in NYC.

Joan Ong

Joan Ong is an Art and Multimedia Instructor based in Singapore. She majored in Animation at Middlesex University London with a BA Honours and is currently teaching in local schools. She is also a Senior Programmer at Bio-Scientific, providing coding for service equipment. Having been both a student and teacher, Joan is enthralled with anything arts related and enjoys sharing ideas with younger generations as well as combining traditions and technology to form new works.

Guiding hands to lead to a bright future

Start Today for a Bright Future

Take it from those who made it to make it forward.